About BERGflow

Launched, January 2017

We love: learning, growth, strategy, challenges, leadership, fun and adventure.

To us, it's all part of the lifestyle of building great businesses.

About BERGflow

After Founder and CEO Dirk van Reenen's life was turned around by the team he built, a deep fascination was developed for how humans work, communicate, and perform together in the business world.

We've made it our mission and our focus to help business owners and leaders build better businesses by building the best teams.

It's our way of changing the world, one business at a time...

A note from our Founder and CEO:

We are passionate about getting up everyday and building businesses, for our clients and ourselves. We feel blessed to be able to do this work, and especially who we do it with - team members and clients.

They say business isn't personal, but for us, it's very personal when it comes to helping our clients succeed. We get to know them at deep and personal levels and often times we know things about them that very few other people in their lives, if any, ever know.

Building businesses is tough, they require an immense level of energy, focus and constant change to be relevant and to learn fast enough to survive. This creates enormous amounts of stress and work that take a tole on emotions, health, relationships, friendships and lifestyles. Very often the price to pay is extremely high.

We understand this. We have lived through building multiple companies, and have successfully exited 3. Today we operate multiple companies and are actively beginning to acquire more. We get it, we face the same battles our clients do. This levels up our understanding of business and of our client's journey. We offer more than other business coaches or trainers, who get an "online certificate" from some course, lacking the real world experience of challenges that that face business owners when building multi-million dollar companies and many people on the payroll.

Because we understand what it takes and what it truly costs, we vow to always be open, honest and authentic with our clients. To bring the highest value we can and to work hard and be focused for them. We care about clients and we are committed to helping them win!

- Dirk van Reenen

Founder and CEO

The Team Powering BERGflow

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

-Steve Jobs

Dirk van Reenen

Founder & CEO

Dirk founded BERGflow in 2017 based off a passion for helping small businesses. He runs multiple growing companies and incorporates his knowledge into successfully leading teams. Dirk developed the Pivot Ready™ Teams system to structure companies and build incredible teams for execution. In BERGflow he takes 1-1 consulting clients as well as training and speaking engagements.

When he takes off his entrepreneur hat, he enjoys being outdoors and can often be found somewhere in the wilderness behind the wheel of a jeep with his wife, Kristin, and their kids, Jax and Kate.

Westley Maree

Service Division Leader & Guide

Westley is an amazing team player leads our Service Division and personally coaches and trains clients. He has become a master at understanding human nature, behavior, and how people interact with different environments and tasks at work. His experience in business and understanding of business structure allows him actively help clients establish sound business models that help scale their business in pursuit of growth, time freedom, and financial gain.

When he is not on filling his BERGflow role, Westley enjoys building things, biking and spending time with his family.

Amy McDaniel

Operations Integrator

Amy keeps the cogs of the business turning. She works along side each division to coordinate all the pieces, build systems and processes, and holds everyone accountable. She is passionate about learning and improving the functions of our business as we grow well as assisting clients when needed.

In her spare time she enjoys being active in the outdoors, adventuring with her husband and their Weimaraner Skye and reading a good book.

John McDaniel

Growth Leader

John is leading the charge on growing the BERGflow community. He enjoys connecting with people and is passionate about helping them overcome their obstacles and reach their goals.

When he is not connecting with people, he enjoys fly fishing, climbing mountains and playing music.

Your Name Here?

Hiring for: BERGflow Guide

Are you someone that understands business, and has a track records of helping companies grow in a proven capacity?

Do you love helping people and going the extra mile to make sure you deliver value?

Do yo love being part of a team and supporting each other as you go after challenges together?

If yes on all these, let's talk!


"We empower the Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and CEOs who are changing the world!"


"Building a community of life changers through the business world who will impact the lives of 25 million people in powerful and positive ways, empowering them to make the world a better place".

What does BERGflow mean?

We get asked this all the time:)


Mountain in Afrikaans (South African Language). It's a symbol of power, magnitude and vastness. The mountain represents challenges, challenges represent opportunities, and opportunities actualized unlock rewards.

Those rewards lead to the next level in business and life.


Known as "the zone", is the mental state of operation

in which a person performing an activity is fully

immersed in a feeling of energized focus,

involvement, connection, and enjoyment in the process. It's the state where time ceases to exist and you get lost in what you are doing.

When you put BERG and flow together you get a company that is designed, built and driven to take on big challenges in a way where we can experience the state of flow when we work.

Interested in exploring opportunities with BERGflow?

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