Pivot Ready™


Take Your Team to the Next Level of Success

Pivot Ready™ Teams is a 12 month training and coaching program designed to transform your team and business.

It helps everyone identify and understand their own strengths and those of the whole team around them

It includes working with the CEO and the growing executive leadership team to level up the whole company

It teaches and trains the team to approach challenges and goals as leaders and to support each other

What's the results of the program?

Faster Growth

We help you get absolutely clear about what you want the business to look like and then help you build a solid blue print to get there

Higher Profits

We help you structure your company for success to make sure you are efficient and effective in what you are doing

Less Issues

We assess you and your current team to make sure you have the right people in the right positions based on their true strengths to actually achieve the goals

More Time Freedom

We teach and train you and your team to work together as an actual business team to achieve the bigger goals you've set for the company

PRT Membership


$500 Setup Fee

12 month initial agreement

  • 1-1 Weekly group coaching calls

  • Kickoff with a Business Planing Clinic

  • Weekly implementation and success work

  • Discount on all BERGflow trainings and workshops

  • Licensed AcuMax account and support

Have you seen the growth of others in your market?

Then you know it's possible, you just need the right team around you to do it!